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John Earle, born about 1601; appointed in 1643 one of the Westminster Assembly of Divines, but his principles did not allow him to act. He accompanied Charles II. when he was obliged to fly from England. Dean of Westminster at the Restoration, Bishop of Worcester, November 30th, 1662, and translated to Salisbury, September 28th, 1663. He was tender to the Nonconformists, and Baxter wrote of him, “O that they were all such!” Author of “Microcosmography.” Died November 17th, 1665, and was buried in the chapel of Merton College, of which he had been a Fellow. Charles II. had the highest esteem for him.

This text comes from a footnote on a diary entry in the 1893 edition edited by Henry B. Wheatley.

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John Earle.

Succeeded Newcastle as Charles's tutor, scored more success with the Prince by his unglossed mixture of piety and charity. Earle later went into exile with his pupil. Perhaps the charm of Earle's manner, his light "facetious" conversation, won the Prince's heart; more likely it was his lack of hypocrisy...at the Restoration Earle was duly rewarded along with those others to whom Charles felt properly grateful.

(Fraser, King Charles II.)

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EARLE, JOHN (1601?-1665), bishop of Salisbury; B.A. Merton College, Oxford, and fellow, 1619; M.A., 1624: rector of Bishopston, Wiltshire, 1639: tutor to Charles, prince of Wales, 1641; D.D. Oxford, 1640; unexpectedly appointed one of the Westminster Assembly of Divines, 1643; chancellor of Salisbury, 1643; deprived, as a 'malignant'; chaplain and clerk of the closet to Charles II in France; dean of Westminster, 1660; bishop of Worcester, 1662-3; bishop of Salisbury, 1663-5; opposed both the Conventicle and the Five-mile acts; author of 'Microcosmographie,' 1628, and 'Hortus Mertonensis,' a Latin poem.
---Dictionary of National Biography: Index and Epitome. S. Lee, 1906.

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