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Phil  •  Link

The entry for Lord Middlesex in Latham's Index volume suggests this is Charles Sackville. Although the entry for Sackville just describes him as "styled Lord Buckhurst."

Paul Brewster  •  Link

Wheatley footnotes Lord Middlesex as
"Lionel Cranfield, third and last Earl of Middlesex. Died 1674 when the title became extinct.

Linda Smurr  •  Link

Lionel Cranfield was first Earl of Middlesex. The title passed to his son(s?) and the title became extinct upon their death. A grandson, Lionel Cranfield SACKVILLE, became first Earl (Duke?) of Dorcet. The distinction between the two is not made very clear in a number of references, but checking the dates will clear it up.

vicenzo  •  Link

Charles Sackville, 6th Earl of Dorset['74] and 1st Earl of Middlesex[in 74]:
there was Lionel Cranfield who was the first but died in '45.
Richard Sackville, 5th Earl of Sackville b 1621, d. 1667 [1622-1667?] married 1637 Frances Cranfield]
The middlesex connection http://48.1911encyclopedia.org/M/MI/MIDDLESEX_L...
When Titles become extinct then they start again with the new genetic connection. Just to confuse the hoi-poloi- Me-Lord is me laud
Charles got gonged at a later date for one of his poems. At this time in 1660-69 he be just plain Honorable poet.
The first earl's [mdx] daughter Frances married Richard Sackville, 5th earl of Dorset, and their son Charles was created earl of Middlesex in 1675.

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