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The Wikipedia article says…

“The Spanish government considered him a common pirate and mass murderer,”

How strange from a country that influenced the Pope to divide the world between Spain and Portugal, and was itself guilty kicking out all the natives in the area in question!

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Per L&M Companion:

Myngs, Sir Christopher (1625-66). A 'tarpaulin', born of poor parents in London: no friend of Sandwich, but admired by Pepys for his ready speech and remarkable powers of command. He had fought in the parliamentary and republican navies, earning a special renown in the W. Indies (1655-7).

At the Restoration he held seven commissions 1662-6, attaining flag rank 1664-6. He was knighted after the Battle of Lowestoft and fell in action in the Four Days Fight. The scene at his funeral when his men offered to avenge his death is on of the most moving passages of the diary. (June 13th. 1666, http://www.pepysdiary.com/diary/1666/06/13/ )


Engraved portraits only:

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