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'FLORA'S VAGARIES OR FIGARYS' is the title of a comedy written by Richard Rhodes, played first at Christ Church, Oxford, Jan 8, 1663 when Rhodes was a student there, and afterward at the Theatre Royal. Set in Verona Otrante uses a friar to carry on an affair with Lodovico- based on Boccaccio, Decameron, Day iii.

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Quite a change of opinion:

"we saw “Flora’s Figarys.” I never saw it before, and ... it seemed as pretty a pleasant play as ever I saw in my life." (1664/8/8)
"... Knepp ... through all her part of “Flora’s Figary’s,” which was acted to-day. But, Lord! to see how they were both painted would make a man mad, and did make me loath them" (1667/10/5)
"there, in one of the upper boxes, saw “Flora’s Vagarys,” which is a very silly play" (1668/2/18)

Sorry to cheat but I couldn't resist the figaries through L-space after I stumbled into a time warp in '64 - still stuck there but coming closer.

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