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Hoare, [Richard]. Calligrapher; once librarian to John Evelyn, who praised him as 'an imcomparable writer of severall hands', and obtained a post for him in the Prerogative Office at the Restoration. Pepys retained an example of his work in his library. He had only one eye.

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Hoare as in hoar frost [or gray or white with age]. From J Evelyn Kadeldarium:[on his way to France 12 july 49,]"... I carried my servant Ri: Hoare an incompatible writer of serverall hands, whom I afterwards preferrd in the Perogative Office, at the returne of his Majestie[this was written up in latter years]. We had a good passage, though chased by a Pyrate for some houres, but he Durst not attaque our fregat & so left us: But we then we chased them, til they got under the protection of the Castle at Calais: The vessell was a small Privateere belonging to the Prince of Wales:..."
RH mention'd again by J.E. : may 17th 53: "... My Servant Hoare (who writ those exquisite severall hands)fell of a fit on an Apoplexie caus'd as I suppose, by tampering with [symbol] about an experiment on Gold:..." { sym side ways [ )O+ ] for mercury? (wednesday)}

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