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Pepys relationship with Charles II

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John Spencer, D.D. who died in 1693, was also the author of a celebrated work: 'De Legibus Hebraeorum'. His 'Discourse concerning Prodigies' first appeared in 1663; the second edition of 1665 contains likewise a 'Discourse concerning Vulgar Prophecies'. (Warrington)

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This very learned author was, for his singular merit, elected master of Corpus Christi College in Cambridge in 1667; and was afterwards preferred to the deanery of Ely. He published a "Discourse upon Prodigies," together with another concerning Prophecies, Lond. 1665; 8vo. His " Dissertatio de Urim et Thummim," &c. was printed at Cambridge, in 8vo. 1678. But his capital work is his book "De Legibus Hebræorum," the best edition of which was published by Mr. Chappelow, in two volumes folio, 1727, to which is prefixed his head, engraved at the expence of the society of Corpus Christi College. Ob. 27 May, 1695, Æt. 63.
---A Biographical History of England. J. Granger, 1779.

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