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pinner, a coif with 2 long flaps, one on each side, pinned on and hanging down, and sometimes fastened at the breast; worn by women, esp. of rank, in the 17th and 18th centuries. Sometimes applied to the flaps as an adjunct of the coif.
definition from the OED.

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To add to AFagins' comments, a Pinner can also refer to a fill-in above a Decolletage ( a very low cut dress that reveals cleavage)

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3 OED versions of Pinner. see 1.1

A person who makes pins or nails; a pinmaker.
...1611 J. FLORIO Queen Anna's New World of Words at Agucchiarúolo, A pinner or pinmaker. 1638 R. BRATHWAIT Barnabee's Jrnl. I. sig. D5 (note) A certaine Pinner, and one of the choicest of all his Flocke, being choaked with pin-dust, dyed.

A person employed to impound stray animals; = PINDER n.

I. Something pinned on, or fastened with pins.

1. A close-fitting cap worn by women (esp. of high social status) in the 17th and 18th centuries, having a long flap or lappet on either side, sometimes worn fastened on the breast or pinned up on the head. Also: either of these flaps. Cf. FLANDAN n. Now hist.
1575 ...
1629 in J. S. Moore Clifton & Westbury Probate Inventories 1609-1761 (1981) 50 Three partlets, three pinners and one linning aperren.
1688 R. HOLME Acad. Armory II. 465/1 Some term this sort of long eared Quoif by the name of a Pinner, or Laced Pinner. 1701

2. An apron, usually with a bib; a pinafore. Cf. PINNY n. Now hist. and rare.
1674 T. DUFFETT Span. Rogue Prol., Thus Fools are caught, but the old crafty Sinner, Takes the sound Wench; though in Straw-Hat and Pinner.

II. A person who or thing which pins something.

3. A person who fastens or attaches something with a pin; spec. a person who pins pieces of paper bearing songs on a board, wall, etc., and offers them for sale (now hist.). Freq. with up.
4. A person who inserts the pins in the revolving cylinder of a barrel organ or (occas.) a musical box.

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