Also Bishop of Salisbury, 1660-3. Died in 1675.

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Humphrey Henchman, who was educated at Clare-hall in Cambridge, was, for his merit, promoted to the chantorship of Salisbury, in the reign of Charles I. He was one of those that helped to conceal Charles II. and were instrumental to his escape, after the battle of Worcester. Several of the royalists who assisted the king upon this important occasion, were rewarded by him at the Restoration, and were then among the most popular persons in the kingdom. Dr. Henchman succeeded Dr. Duppa in the see of Salisbury, and was removed to London upon the translation of Dr. Sheldon to Canterbury. He was, soon after his removal, made lord almoner. When the declaration for liberty of conscience was published, he was much alarmed, and strictly enjoined his clergy to preach against popery, though it gave great offence to the king. His example was followed by the other bishops. He was editor of the "Gentleman's Calling," supposed to be written by the author of the "Whole Duty of Man." Ob. Oct. 1675.
---A Biographical History of England. J. Granger, 1779.

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