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george gomori  •  Link

Christine Bourbon, Duchess of Savoy is mentioned in Pepys's diary under January 1664 when the English Court is mourning her death.The exact date of her death is however not clear from the text- can we find it out?

Kevin Peter  •  Link

Christine-Marie of Bourbon (February 10, 1606 - December 27, 1663) was the Regent of Savoy who ruled in the name of her son, Charles Emmanuel, between 1637 and 1663.

She was the daughter of Henry IV of France, and sister of Louis XIII of France. Christine-Marie married Victor Amadeus, the son of Duke of Savoy, in 1619. In 1630, Victor Amadeus became Duke of Savoy, but upon his death in 1637, Christine-Marie became regent in the name of her young son.

During her regency, she had to fight a civil war started by two brothers of her late husband who were attempting to claim the Duchy for themselves. Thanks to French military support, she emerged victorious. Her son, after becoming an adult, was uninterested in ruling, so let Christine-Marie continue acting as regent until her death.

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