The overlays that highlight 17th century London features are approximate and derived from:

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Shoreditch...Brewers Phrase and Fable

according to tradition, is so called from Jane Shore, who, it is said, died there in a ditch. This tale comes from a ballad in Pepys' collection; but the truth is, it receives its name from Sir John de Soerdich, lord of the manor in the reign of Edward III. 1
"I could not get one bit of bread
Whereby my hunger might be fed... .
So, weary of my life, at length
I yielded up my vital strength
Within a ditch ... which since that day
Is Shoreditch called, as writers say."

Duke of Shoreditch. The most successful of the London archers received this playful title. 2
"Good king, make not good Lord of Lincoln Duke of Shoreditch!"--The Poore Man's Peticion to the Kinge. (1603.)

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