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A work by Jean Nicolas de Parival, first published at Leiden, Holland, in 1651 by Pierre Leffen. A variety of books with the "Les délices" title appeared in the 17th century with descriptions of countries that could also function as travel guides. "Les délices de la Hollande" contained a description of the Dutch government as well as a chronology of events through 1650. A third edition appeared in 1660 printed by Jan Elzevier and updated to 1660. De Parival (1605-1669) was a Frenchman who established himself at Leiden in 1624. He was a wine seller and offered lesson in conversational French. "Les délices de la Hollande" is his best-known work.

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PARIVAL, J.[N.] DE Les delices de la Hollande. Avec un traité du gouvernement, et un abregé de ce qui s'est passé de plus memorable jusques à l'an de grace 1660. Ouvrage revue, corrigé, changé & fort augmanté par J. de Parival, Leiden: Charles Gerstecoren, 1660.

[roughly] PARIVAL, J[EAN NICOLAS] DE. The Delights of Holland. With a treatise on its government, and a sketch of what is most memorable there in the Year of Grace 1660. The work revised, corrected, changed and fully augmented by J. de Parival, Leiden: Charles Gerstecoren, 1660....

Later printings also appeared without the name of de Parival, and illustrated with engravings. ...A Dutch translation appeared in 1661 under the title ` De vermaeckelyckheden van Holland.' http://www.antiqbook.nl/boox/steu/15702.shtml

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10 December 1663, Pepys bought an early edition of the work, but Pepys Library contains a later edition, sc.
PARIVAL (I. de) [ HOLLANDE ]. Les Délices de la Hollande, contenans une description fort exacte de son païs, de ses villes, & de la condition de ses habitans [Š]. Amsterdam, Jean Bouman, 1678
[The Delights of Holland, containing an extremely exact description of its countryside, its cities, & the condition of its inhabitants.] http://www.argusdubibliophile.com/argus_du_bibl...

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