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Trapan: a trick or snare

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see : Two distinctive meanings. http://www.pepysdiary.com/diary/1663/11/09/#c78609

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from an excert of Samuel Johnsons Dictionary: edited by Jack Lynch {cheap} at B&N : Trepan
Trepan n.s. [ Fr trepan]
1. an instrument by which chirurgeons cut out round pieces of the skull.
2 Snare : a stratagem by which any one is ensnared
[Skinner assigns for the reason, that some English ships in queen Elizabeth's reign being invited, with great shew of friendship, into Trapani, a part of Sicily, were there detained ]
Roscommon is quoted "But what a thoughtless animal is man,
How very active in is own trepan.
South's Sermans : Can there be any thing of friendship in snares, books, and trepans.
i.e. Trapped

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  • 1663
    • Nov