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Wheatley Footnote: Edward Reynolds, D.D., Preacher of Lincoln's Inn; Dean of Christ Church, 1648-1650; Bishop of Norwich, 1660-1676. He died July 28th, 1676, aged 76.

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Edward Reynolds, preacher at Lincoln's-Inn, and one of the assembly of divines, was by authority of parliament, preferred to the deanry of Christ-church in Oxford, on the 12th of April, 1648, soon after the ejection of Dr. Samuel Fell. About two years after, he was himself ejected, and Dr. John Owen, who was as highly esteemed and revered by the independents, as Dr. Reynolds was by the Presbyterians, was promoted to that deanry, which he enjoyed for about nine years. In 1659 Dr. Reynolds was again restored; but the next year was obliged to give place to Dr. Morley, who was appointed dean by royal authority. The king, soon after his Restoration, endeavoured to bring over to the church some of the most eminent divines among the dissenters, by offering them dignities. They all refused, except Dr. Reynolds, who accepted of the bishopric of Norwich. He was universally allowed to be a man of extrordinary parts, and discovers in his writings a richness of fancy, as well as a solidity of judgment. He died the 29th of July, 1676, and was buried in the new chapel belonging to his palace, which he built at his own expence.
---A Biographical History of England. J. Granger, 1779.

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