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A drink, composed usually of red wine, but sometimes of white, with the addition of sugar and spices. Sir Walter Scott (“Quarterly Review,” vol. xxxiii.) says, after quoting this passage of Pepys, “Assuredly his pieces of bacchanalian casuistry can only be matched by that of Fielding’s chaplain of Newgate, who preferred punch to wine, because the former was a liquor nowhere spoken against in Scripture.”

This text comes from a footnote on a diary entry in the 1893 edition edited by Henry B. Wheatley.

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From Pepys At Table by Driver and Berriedale-Johnson

(p. 75-76) The "'burnt' claret, the hypocras with which Pepys allowed himself to be deceived, and Christmas Lamb's wool -spiced ale with apples- are simple devices that have changed little over the centuries. Party guests who have followed Pepys intermittent example and sworn off wine altogether may be glad to of a cup which could certainly have been made with summer fruit available to Pepys, whether or not the idea occurred to him." Their recipes follow for a variety of "hypocras" recipes (some including wine!)

From the section subtitled AN HYPOCRAS OF WHITE WINE are 3 of the 5 recipes that Pepys may have enjoyed.

Mulled Wine

Into an enameled or stainless steel pan put 3 bruised cloves, ½ stick of cinnamon, lemon and orange peel pared, 4 ozs of sugar, and half a pint of water. Boil together for 15 minutes; then add grated nutmeg, a pint of full-blooded red wine, and a wine-glass of port. Do not allow to boil again, but heat, strain, and serve.


Bruise together a cinnamon stick, ½ oz. coriander seeds, a blade of mace, and 1 oz of green ginger. Boil a quart of water with 8 ozs sugar for 5 minutes to make syrup.
Macerate the spices for an hour or two in some of the wine (red or white) you propose to use. Heat the mixture with the rest of the bottle of wine, the juice of half a lemon, a gill of brandy, the syrup to taste, strain clear and serve.

Lamb's Wool

Roast 8 apples; mash the, and add a quart of old ale (Winter Warmer or equivalent will do nicely). Press and strain; add grated nutmeg, powdered ginger, and sugar to taste as it heats.

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oathe ? Hypocras OED
Forms: 4-6 ypocras, (5 ypocrate), 6-7 ipocras, hipocras, 6-7 (9 arch.) ippocras, hypocras, 7- hippocras, -crass, (6 ypo-, ipo-, hypo-, -crass(e, -crase, -crace, -craze, 7 ippocrass(e, hyppocras). [a. OF. ipocras, ypocras (a1400), forms of the proper name Hippocrates; in sense 1, after the med.L. name, vinum Hippocraticum 'wine of Hippocrates', app. given to it because it was filtered through 'Hippocrates' sleeve' or 'bag': see next. See Skeat Chaucer V. 361.
c1369 CHAUCER Dethe Blaunche 571 Ne hele me may noo physicien, Noght ypocras, ne Galyen
1600 HEYWOOD 1st Pt. Edw. IV Wks. 1874 I. 10 We'le take the tankards from the conduit-cocks To fill with ipocras and drinke carouse.
1613 in Crt. & Times Jas. I (1849) I. 285 The king and queen were both present, and tasted wafers and hippocrass, as at ordinary weddings.

2. hippocras bag. A conical bag of cotton, linen, or flannel, used as a filter or strainer. Obs.
1601 HOLLAND Pliny II. 153 The wholesomest wines..be such as haue run through a strainer or Ipocras bag, and thereby lost some part of their strength.
1641 FRENCH Distill. v. (1651) 123 When you would have this or any other Liquor to be very clear, you may use the triple Hypocras bag.
1674 J. JOSSELYN Voy. New Eng. 190 Put them in an Hippocras bag and let it drain out of it self.
Hippocratic Name of a famous ancient Greek physician born about 460 B.C.
[ad. med.L. Hippocratic-us, f. Hippocrates: see prec.]
1. Of or belonging to Hippocrates; following the method, or made according to the receipt of Hippocrates. Hippocratic oath, an oath comprising the obligations and professional conduct of physicians, taken by those entering upon medical practice Hippocratic wine, spiced wine, hippocras.
c1620 BACON Wks. (1857) III. 831 Astringents..Hippocratic wines

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