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Terry F  •  Link

"James Tuchet, 3rd Earl of Castlehaven (c. 1617 - 11 October 1684) was the son of Mervyn Tuchet, 2nd Earl of Castlehaven and his first wife, Elizabeth Barnham (1592 - c. 1622).

"He succeeded his father as Earl of Castlehaven and Baron Audley of Orier on 14 May 1631, when his father was attainted and beheaded.

"He was created Baron Audley of Hely with remainder 'to his heirs forever' on 3 June 1633...." http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/James_Tuchet%2C_3r...

Wim van der Meij  •  Link

He was the eldest son of the infamous Earl of Castlehaven and he had a new creation to his father's forfeited titles in 1633. He died s.p. 1684. He had served with distinction under the Marquis of Ormond and afterwards joined Carles II at Paris.

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