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Thomas, eldest son of Sir Thomas Scott, of Scott's Hall in the parish of Smeeth, Kent.

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From "All For the King" by Balleine
"Evelyn again gives the date: '1663, July 16. Sir George Carteret has married his daughter Carolina to Sir Thomas Scott of Scott's Hall, Kent. The gent. is thought to be the son of Prince Rupert'. Scott's mother had been Prince Rupert's mistress, had had lived apart from her husband for 12 years before the baby was born. Her husband had repudiated the child, 'pleading it was unlawfully got, but, said Pepys, ' a little while before his death he did own the child and left him his estate. So Sir George Carteret struck up of a sudden match with him for his little daughter" (p. 139)
--Jeannine's post for 14 Jan, 1663/64.

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More extensive quotation from "All For the King"
posted by Jeannine on 30 July, 1663:

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  • 1663
  • 1664