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If the Prince of Denmark and not yet king, though the diary says King of Denmark:

CHRISTIAN V. (1646-1699), king of Denmark and Norway....ascended the throne on the 9th of February 1670. He was a weak despot with an exaggerated opinion of his dignity and his prerogatives. Almost his first act on ascending the throne was publicly to insult his consort, the amiable Charlotte Amelia of Hesse-Cassel, by introducing into court, as his officially recognized mistress, Amelia Moth, a girl of sixteen, the daughter of his former tutor, whom he made countess of Sams. His personal courage and extreme affability made him highly popular among the lower orders, but he showed himself quite incapable of taking advantage permanently of the revival of the national energy and the extraordinary overflow of native middle-class talent, which were the immediate consequences of the revolution of 1660. ....He died in a hunting accident on the 25th of August 1699.
from 1911 Encyclopedia online

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