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Basic text on British Jewry

"From expulsion to emancipation - Henry Cohn presents a brief history of British Jewry"

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History of the Jews in England http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_the_Jew...

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A Chronology of the Jews in Britain

During Pepys's lifetime:
1290 -1656 The period between the expulsion of the Jews in 1290 and their readmission in 1656 is generally called ‘The Middle Period’. Although there was no Jewish community during this period, Jews visited Britain from time to time for various reasons and some Marranos established themselves in Britain for periods of time
31 October, 1655 Humble address from Menasseh ben Israel to Oliver Cromwell. A fortnight later on 13 November he submitted a petition for the readmission of Jews to England
December, 1655Whitehall Conference to discuss the petition. Dissolved by Cromwell before it reached a decision
1656 Although no formal agreement on readmission, Jewish residents of London began living openly as Jews
December, 1656 First Synagogue established after Readmission
February, 1657 First Cemetery acquired in Mile End
14 October, 1663 Samuel Pepys visits the Synagogue on Simchat Torah
1664 Bylaws (Ascamot) of new community agreed
22 August, 1664 Jews granted Royal protection
January, 1667 Jews allowed to swear in Court on the Old Testament
February, 1674 Jews indicted for holding a service, but the King stopped the proceedings against them
1671 Start of practice of presenting each Lord Mayor with a gift
1677 Court venue changed to avoid a Jew having to give evidence on a Saturday
1692c. Establishment of first Ashkenazi Synagogue
2 February, 1697 Site acquired for first Ashkenazi cemetery
1697 Jews admitted as brokers on the Royal Exchange
20 September, 1701 Bevis Marks Synagogue inaugurated
1702 Great Synagogue founded
24 June, 1702 Act to oblige Jews to maintain and provide for their Protestant children

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14 October 1663
The Pepyses visit the Synagogue on Simchat Torah

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How Sephardi Jews came to form London's congregation - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Resettlement_of_th...

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