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Dr William Owtram.
Rector, St Mary Woolnoth (1660-6);
Canon, Westminster Cathedral (1670-d. 1679);
Examiner, St Paul's School (1663-4).
(per L&M Index, etc.)

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Dr. Owtram was a man of great industry, charity, and piety, and an excellent preacher. Mr. Baxter speaks of him as one of the best and ablest of the conformists. Indeed such was his moderation, that men of all persuasions spoke well of him. Dr. Gardiner tells us, that he never could be prevailed with, either by the intreaty of his friends or the authority of his superiors, to publish any of his sermons, The five printed under his name are not genuine. He was famous for his knowledge in almost all kinds of science, particularly in rabbinical learning; of which he has given eminent proof in his book "De Sacrificiis," &c. Ob. 23 Aug. 1679, Æt. 54. He lies buried in Westminster Abbey.
---A Biographical History of England. J. Granger, 1779.

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