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Peter Blondeau was employed by the Commonwealth to coin their money. After the Restoration, November 3rd, 1662, he received letters of denization, and a grant for being engineer of the Mint in the Tower of London, and for using his new invention for coining gold and silver with the mill and press, with the fee of 100_l._ per annum (Walpole’s “Anecdotes of Painting”).

This text comes from a footnote on a diary entry in the 1893 edition edited by Henry B. Wheatley.

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in Aqua Scripto  •  Link

First milled pieces of coin to prevent the use of Pen Knife from taking a few scrapeings before handing coin to the next victim.

Dave Bell  •  Link

There are more details on early English (and Scottish) milled coinage here http://www.kenelks.co.uk/coins/earlymilled/earl... (Second half of the page for Blondeau).
It appears that Peter Blondeau himself had very little direct involvement in the post-Restoration coinage.

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Chart showing the number of references in each month of the diary’s entries.