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Wim van der Meij   Link to this

Warrington: "Edward Thurland, M.P. for Reigate, afterwards knighted, and a Baron of the Exchequer."

M.Elaine Walker   Link to this

Sir Edward Thurland was an eminent lawyer & judge, reasonably fair for the times (in which most were jaundiced by corruption and partiality). He was quite careful of his reputation.
Even so, when he was named for judge on a case,(Easter Sessions, Reigate, Surrey 1671)one party sollicited him heavily beforehand and the other party,Sir Nicholas Stoughton, Bt.(whose memoirs I've just transcribed)hired Thurland's son as counsel,'which I suppose was the reason his father was so much for me'. Stoughton refers often to Thurland in his MS.

Terry Foreman   Link to this

"Portrait Of Sir Edward Thurland, Baron Thurland (1606-1683)" oil on Canvas.
by (after) John Michael Wright

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  • 1662