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A comedy acted at the Globe, and first printed in 1608. In the original entry in the Stationers’ books it is said to be by T. B., which may stand for Tony or Anthony Brewer. The play has been attributed without authority both to Shakespeare and to Drayton.

This text comes from a footnote on a diary entry in the 1893 edition edited by Henry B. Wheatley.

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The comedy of the Merry Devil of Edmonton is, as far as we know, mentioned for the first time in the Blacke Booke by T. M., 1604: 'Giue him leaue to see the Merry Devil of Edmunton, or A Woman kill'd with kindness.' The play was not entered into the Stationers' Registers till on the 22d October 1607; the earliest edition extant (1608) seems in fact to be the Editio princeps of the play.
---The merry devil of Edmonton. K. Warnke, 1884

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