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quote: "I will eat exceedingly, and prophesy ".[1614 I. vii]
et "Neither do thou lust after that tawney weed tobacco." II. vi.
Bartholomew Fair - UMichigan

The Holloway Pages: Ben Jonson: Works (1692 Folio): Bartholomew Fair
This site presents an original spelling version of Ben Jonson's Works, published
in 1692.

YOur Majesty is welcome to a Fair;

Such Place, such Men, such Language, and such Ware,

You must expect: with these, the zealous noise

Of your Lands Faction, scandaliz'd at Toys,

As Babies, Hobby-horses, Puppet-plays,

And such like rage, whereof the petulant ways

Your self have known, and have bin vext with long.

These for your Sport, without particular wrong,

Or just complaint of any private Man,

(Who of himself, or shall think well or can)

The Maker doth present: and hopes, to Night

To give you for a Fairing, true delight.


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From A. Hamilton Batholomew Faire
The reference appears to be to Ben Jonson’s play, first acted in 1614. See text at eserver.org/drama/bartholomew-fair.txt
ref from nix: “Bartholomew Faire” —A play by Ben Jonson
Text: http://eserver.org/drama/bartholomew-fair.txt
Summary and discussion (from The Cambridge History of English and American Literature, Volume VI):

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