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"From 30 August 1661 there is a 'translation-plot' from a French troupe's one-day Drury Lane production of Chapoton's La Descent d'Orphée aux Enfers; it is called The description of the Great Machines of the Descent of Orpheus into Hell, presented by the French Comedians at the Cock-Pit in Drury-Lane: The Argument."
---Documents of Performance in Early Modern England. T. Stern, 2009

This 'translation-plot,' a scene-by-scene summary, is available at Early English Books Online (a fee-based service made available by some academic libraries). It was "printed for Robert Crofts at the Crown in Chancery-Lane, 1661."

The two different titles: "Mariage" and "Descent" refer to the same play in different guises.

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  • 1661