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Paul Brewster   Link to this

Per L&M Companion: Physician and 'mystical chemist' probably of German extraction. He lived in a sizeable house (taxed on eight hearths) in Axe Yard, next door to the Hartlibs, whose daughter Mary he married in 1660. A minor figure in scientific circles and a friend of Robert Boyle.

S. Spoelstra   Link to this

Dr. Clodius supplied some very varied recipes to Robert Boyle, who noted them in his Work-diaries.
These have now been made electronically available, so that we can all try for instance Dr. Clodius' anti-scurvy medicine, made from Cochlearia hortensis. (Scurvygrass ?)


David Quidnunc   Link to this

Link to the Axe Yard


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