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HMS Nantwich, built by Baylie @ Bristol, 1654, renamed Breda after the Restoration but wrecked in 1666.

Terry F,   Link to this

(1) The first ship {re-]named Breda was an Elizabeth class 4th Rate Frigate. After it was lost in 1666, there were two other sailing ships named Breda:
(2) A Third Rate 70 Gun Ship built by Betts, Harwich 1679, accidentally burnt in 1690.
(3) Another Third Rate 70 Gun Ship built by Lawrence @ Woolwich, April 1692; Broken up in 1730. http://www.battleships-cruisers.co.uk/sailship.htm

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For people who - like me - were surprised at this perseverence in naming British ships after this rather provincial Dutch town... the explanantion is here:


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