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Also known as "Louise de Keroualle" or Mrs. Carwell to the English commoners.
She was the French Mistress to Charles II,sent over by Louis XIV after the death of Charles beloved sister Henrietta Marie. She was hated by the English as she was French. It is believed by many that she was a spy for Louis XIV. Assorted links follow.




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Louise de Querouaille, or Queroville, dutchess of Portsmouth, was sent over to England by Lewis XIV. in the train of the dutchess of Orleans, to bind Charles II. to the French interest. This she did effectually ; and the business of the English court was constantly carried on with a subserviency to that of France. She occasionally dissembled love, the vapours, or sickness; and rarely ever failed of working the easy monarch to her point. Her polite manners and agreeable temper riveted the chains which her personal charms had imposed upon him: she had the first place in his affections, and he continued to love her to the day of his death. Her beauty, which was not of the most delicate kind, seemed to be very little impaired at seventy years of age. Ob. Nov. 1734, Æt. 89.
---A Biographical History of England. J. Granger, 1775.

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