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The best account of this person is given in his monumental inscription in Boughton-Malherbe church: "Here lies the body of Mr. Daniel O'Neale, who descended from that greate, honourable , and antient family of the O'Neales, in Ireland, to whom he added new luster by his own merit, being rewarded for his courage and loyalty in the civil warrs, under King Charles the First and Charles the Second, with the offices of Postmaster General of England, Scotland and Ireland, Master of the Powder, and Groome of His Majesty's Bedchamber. He was married to the right honourable Katherine Countess of Chesterfeild, who erected him this monument, as one of the last markes of her kindness, to show her affection longer than her weak breath would serve to express it. He died A.D. 1663, aged 60". (Warrington)

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