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(1600-c.86). Grandson of the Elizabethan admiral Sir William Winter, and cousin of the 2nd Marquess of Worcester. Secretary to the Queen Mother 1638-42, 1660-9. He and his father were the principal developers of iron and timber in the Forest of Dean. He bought 18,000 acres in 1640, but was deprived of it as a papist in 1642. In 1662 he was granted an eleven-yer lease, but by 1668 the contract lapsed through his failure to deliver the agreed quantities of shiptimber. He had an interest in all sorts of technology. Pepys like his 'good discourse' (though not his timber). But his Catholicism, combined with his expert knowledge of gunpowder, made him an object of mistrust.

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Wintour family & Forest of Dean, The Forest of Dean History Society:

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To Pauline: Have you any idea what happened to Sir John Wintour's grandsons. It is a fascinating tale as they seemed to have vanished into thin air

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