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For prisons in London, see Background information > Places > Other London buildings http://pepysdiary.com/background/?c=buildings

Newgate Prison

Tower of London

Concerning the meaning of the prison as an expression of social values, a key and controversial text is Michel Foucault (1975). Discipline and Punish: the Birth of the Prison

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"The extent of crime (or what was considered crime) in London may be gauged by the number of prisons: ten. Newgate is pictured here; another well-known one was the Clink, immortalized in English slang.

"In most cases prisoners had to pay for their own food and lodgings; those who were in prison for debt were given an allowance from the money collected each week for the poor."

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Prison Wardens

A Warden at the time would still have had to purchase his right to run the prison he was responsible for. And he would then be expected to make a profit by charging the inmates for their "room and board". Paupers were nevertheless entitled to a (very) bare minimum - which would be paid for indirectly by the better off prisoners.

Very much like the way tax farmers worked - and many similar public offices.

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Bridewell Prison by vincent(cumgranissalis) Places > London streets and areas > Bridewell http://www.pepysdiary.com/encyclopedia/877/#c5843

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Bridewell Prison

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