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Here's something to start this page off:

'The Orthodox rules for lenten fasting are the monastic rules. No meat is allowed after Meatfare Sunday, and no eggs or dairy products after Cheesefare Sunday. These rules exist not as a Pharisaic "burden too hard to bear" (Lk 11:46), but as an ideal to be striven for; not as an end in themselves, but as a means to spiritual perfection crowned in love. The lenten services themselves continually remind us of this.

"Let us fast with a fast pleasing to the Lord. This is the true fast: the casting off of evil, the bridling of the tongue, the cutting off of anger, the cessation of lusts, evil talking, lies and cursing. The stopping of these is the fast true and acceptable." (Monday Vespers of the First Week)

The lenten services also make the undeniable point that we should not pride ourselves with external fasting since the devil also never eats!

The ascetic fast of Great Lent continues from Meatfare Sunday to Easter Sunday, and is broken only after the Paschal Divine Liturgy. Knowing the great effort to which they are called, Christians should make every effort to fast as well as they can, in secret, so that God would see and bless their openly with a holy life. Each person most do his best in the light of the given ideal. '

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The above are for the Orthodox Church - which aren't even the same as the Catholic church. Does anyone know the policy of the English Church on this?

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Lent in the Anglican tradition, 1661

Project Canterbury has put online an authoritative and relevant ebook:

THE SEVERAL STATUTES In force for the observation of L E N T...And F I S H-dayes, at all other times Of the Y E A R. With full and ready notes in the margent, Shewing the effect in brief.

Published by a well-wisher to peace, for the information of all persons subject to the violation of the said Laws.

L O N D O N, Printed by Robert White, and are to be sold by him at his house in Warick Lane in Warick Court. 1661.


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