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Real taxis of the 1650-60 were the watermen: They also played a major part in the decisions of royal/parliamentry differences; SP used their services many times.
read here for..."watermen were the taxi-drivers of olden times.Their services were of great importance for the transportation of passengers in London and the Thames Valley area, both along and across the Thames. The poor development of the rural roads (they were often no more than a cart track) and the narrow, congested streets of the capital meant that the Thames was the most convenient highway in the region. .."

an account of .."
The Watermen at the End of the English Revolution, 1659-60"

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insight to problems of travel.

It caseth the People of their great Charge of Land-Carriages, preserves the High-ways, which are daily worn out with Waggons carrying excessive Burthens; It breeds up a Nursery of Watermen, which upon occasion will prove good Seamen, and with much more facility maintains Intercourse and Communication between Cities and Countries. We have been very much affected with the Cries and Wants of the Poor this hard Season, especially those who are about this Town, who are ready to starve for want of Fewel, the Price of Coals being so unreasonably enhanc'd by the exorting Engrossers. We have therefore, for their present and future Ease, prepared a Bill, authorizing the Lord-Mayor and Court of Aldermen of the City of London, and three Justices of Peace within the County, from time to time to set the Prices of Coals, having regard to the Price paid by the Importer, and other emergent Charges. And now, great Sir, having finished our present Counsels, we hope your Majesty will give us leave to return for a time into our Countries, where in our several Spheres we shall be ready to serve you with our Persons and our Purses, and also with our Prayers to the great God of Hosts, That he will be pleased to strengthen your Hands in the Day of Battel, and make you victorious over all your Enemies, both at home and abroad.'


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Emilio on 4 Mar 2003

This is a link to Macaulay's description of the Difficulty of Traveling in England about 1685, but what he says should apply equally to 25 years before.

Badness of the Roads

Stage Coaches



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