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The Guernsey
a ship with the same name (as ships had a life cicle of decades it probably was the same ship) participated in the anglo dutch war.
Merchant ships had cannons and were recruited for war when necessary.
See: http://anglo-dutch-wars.blogspot.com/

vicenzo   Link to this

5th rated mean [ 1st is 100+ guns; each rate down: be less ten guns]
then 5th Rate be : 40 to 32 guns and 300 to 200 able bodies including other useful ranks.

Terry Foreman   Link to this

HMS Guernsey was a 22-gun ship launched as HMS Basing in 1654, and renamed HMS Guernsey in 1660. She was converted to a fireship in 1688 and broken up in 1693. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HMS_Guernsey

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