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4 entries, 3 spellings:Mr. Falconberge, Mr. Falconbridge, Mr. Faulconberge, Mr. Faulconberge

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L&M Companion says...
Exchequer official from c.1655; Deputy Chamberlain of the Receipt 1661-c.75.

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Researching ancestors Falconbridge/Fauconberg etc. Have across many spellings, also von Falkenberg....? believed to be related to this family (originally de Fauquembergues of Flanders).

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Fauconberg - alternative spellings

Re - Valerie Currer

If you have reason to suspect a Flanders/Low Countries connection, also look for "Valkenberg" and "Valkenburg". Etymologically the name can refer to the bird "falcon", the name "Falco", or a place name derived from either ("Valkenberg", "Valkenburg").

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Earliest known:follower of William in england, Franco de Fauquembergues (from Fauquembergues Flanders near St Omer, meaning Mount of the Falcons) family - Counts of St Omer. Later de Fauconberg, Lords of Rise and Catfoss in Holderness Yorkshire from 11th century.

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