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There is a record from the 11th century of a 'St Clement Candlewickstrate' in the area which was later to become Eastcheap, or the 'east market' (the west market being in Cheapside).

The church was dedicated to the saint who was one of St Paul's 'fellow labourers whose names are in the book of life' (Phil iv.3), and who suffered martyrdom in A.D. 100 by being thrown into the sea with an anchor about his neck. Hence he became the patron saint of seamen.

The church was burnt and destroyed in the Great Fire and was rebuilt by Wren in 1686. It is a plain church stuccoed except for the South West tower whose brickwork is exposed in the top parts. Inside it has one aisle on the south side, separated from the rest of the church by two columns on high bases. There is a clerestory with small windows. The church was refurbished and modernised in 1872.

-- from http://www.cityoflondonchurches.com/stclement.htm

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