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He was a Cavalier general during the Civil War.

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Spent most of the interregnum in Antwerp, where he published his first work on horsemanship. Author of 4 plays and a patron of arts (Jonson, Dryden, Hobbes, DesCartes, et al). 2nd wife, Margaret, was a young dramatist, who was maid of honor for Queen Henrietta Maria--an indication of Newcastle's loyalty to royalty. Nice article here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_Cavendish%...

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CAVENDISH, WILLIAM, Duke of Newcastle (1592-1676), son of Sir Charles Cavendish of Welbeck, Nottinghamshire, and the heiress of the barony of Ogle, Northumberland; educated at St. John's College, Cambridge; K.B., 1610; travelled; entertained James I at Welbeck, 1619; created Viscount Mansfield, November 1620; created Earl of Newcastle, March 1628; succeeded to the Ogle estates, 1629; spent 20,000l. in entertaining Charles I at Welbeck, 1633, Ben Jonson writing the masques; governor of Charles, prince of Wales, 1638-41; lent Charles I 10,000l. and raised a troop at his own cost against the Scots, 1639; withdrew from court, 1641, to avoid prosecution by parliament for again raising troops for the king; named governor of Hull by Charles I, January 1642, but not accepted by the garrison; joined Charles I at York; sent to secure Newcastle-on-Tyne, June, and to command in the north; raised troops at his own charges; invaded Yorkshire, November 1642; raised the siege of York, and advanced southwards; forced to fall back on York, January 1643; advanced into the West Biding, but was forced back; detached troops to escort the queen to Oxford; secured all Yorkshire by the victory of Adwalton Moor, 1643; advanced as far as Lincoln; recalled to besiege Hull; raised the siege, 11 Oct. 1643; created Marquis of Newcastle, 27 Oct. 1643: sent to oppose the Scots, 1644; forced to fall back on York; fought as volunteer at Marston Moor, having vainly urged Prince Rupert to wait for reinforcements, 1644; at Hamburg, July 1644 to February 1645; in Paris, April 1645-8; married; at Rotterdam, 1648, and Antwerp, 1648-60; for some time lived in great pecuniary difficulties, pawned his wife's jewels, and incurred heavy loans; obtained an allowance out of his confiscated estates; accompanied Charles II to London, 1660; had only part of his lands restored, having spent nearly 1,000,000l. in the royal service; created Duke of Newcastle, March 1665; withdrew to Welbeck; patron of Ben Jonson and Dryden. His works include plays, 1649-77, poems, and 'Methode et Invention ... de dresser les Chevaux,' Antwerp, 1657, and 'New Method ... to Dress Horses,' 1667.
---Dictionary of National Biography: Index and Epitome. S. Lee, 1906.

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