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Sturbridge fair is of great antiquity. The first trace of it is found in a charter granted about 1211 by King John to the Lepers of the Hospital of St. Mary Magdalen at Sturbridge by Cambridge, a fair to be held in the close of the hospital on the vigil and feast of the Holy Cross (see Cornelius Walford’s “Fairs Past and Present,” 1883, p. 54).

This text comes from a footnote on a diary entry in the 1893 edition edited by Henry B. Wheatley.

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Mark Ynys-Mon  •  Link

See wonderful entry in Defoe on the Fair "which is not only the greatest in the whole nation, but in the world

Pedro.  •  Link

Sturbridge (Stourbridge) Fair.

See also background on Cambridge

Patrick Carmichael  •  Link

Stourbridge Common isn't far from the centre of Cambridge (OS Ref TL470600) - it's now quite built up around there, with an industrial estate encroaching ...

'Casterton' in Pepys is now Chesterton; the 'Leper Chapel' is still there and is still used for services occasionally.

Bill  •  Link

Stourbridge-Fair. The greatest Fair or Mart in England, so called from the little Brook Stour, near which 'tis kept, in the common Fields, about 2 Miles from Cambridge.
---British Curiosities in Art and Nature. 1728.

Bill  •  Link

Stourbridge Fair holds a very important place in the history of science. In a few years Isaac Newton will buy a prism or two at the fair and use them to demonstrate that white light is composed of various colors of different frequencies.

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