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'young Jermyn'

is 24 in 1660. Described in L&M Companion as a courtier and debauchee; 'The favoured of Venus and the desperate duellist' according to Gramont.

There was no truth in the report that he had married the Princess Royal; he married the daughter of Sir Edmund Pooley.

He appears to have been a loyal servant to James, Duke of York, eventually accompanying him into exile after the revolution of 1688. However, this loyalty seems to have been partial, as he is said to have numbered Anne Hyde and Barbara Castlemaine amongst his conquests, thus risking the wrath of both Stuart brothers.

Roger Arbor   Link to this

'... among his conquests..."
Pretty likely the other way around. Both Anne and Barbara were notorious man-eaters. Although an enthusiatic debauchee, he would likely have been available and young... a winning combination to both.

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He was a younger nephew of the Earl of St. Albans. He was created Baron Jermyn of Dover 1685 and died in 1708.
Apparently he turned out quite allright.

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Henry Jermyn, 3rd Baron Jermyn and 1st Baron Dover PC (c. 1636–1708) was the second son of Sir Thomas Jermyn, of Rushbrooke, Suffolk, who died in 1659.

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