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Brian Duppa, who was successively promoted to the bishoprics of Chichester and Salisbury by Charles I. was, upon the restoration of Charles II. advanced to the see of Winchester. He had been preceptor to the latter of these princes, and was in all respects, well qualified for that important office. He was a very handsome personage, of a graceful deportment, and of an irreproachable life. He lived in retirement at Richmond during the Usurpation; and was then hospitable, generous, and charitable, to a degree beyond his fortune. He is said to have received 50,000 l. for fines, soon after his translation to Winchester. It is certain that he remitted no less than 30,000 l. to his tenants, and that he left 16,000 1. to be expended in acts of charity and munificence. He left legacies to Christ-church, and All Souls College, in Oxford; and to the several cathedrals in which he sat as bishop; and founded an alms-house at Richmond. The king asked his blessing on his knees, as he lay on his death-bed. He died March 26, 1662. He was author of sermons, and several books of Devotion. When he was bishop of Chichester, he published his "Jonsonius Verbius," which is a collection of verses in praise of Ben. Jonson and his works, by above thirty different hands.
---A Biographical History of England. J. Granger, 1779.

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