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Philip Herbert, 5th Earl of Pembroke & 2nd Earl of Montgomery (1620/21-) inherited two earldoms from his father the 4th Earl of Pembroke & 1st Earl of Montgomery. The older earldom of Pembroke was created 1551 for the son of an illegitimate son of an earlier Herbert earl of Pembroke; the later earldom was created 1605. Pembroke's mother was the 4th Earl's first wife Lady Susan de Vere (d 1628/29) a daughter and coheiress of the 17th Earl of Oxford (of the ancient de Vere and a granddaughter maternally of the Elizabethan statesman William Cecil, Lord Burghley. Pembroke's second wife was a Villiers, related to Barbara Villiers, Lady Castlemaine and later Duchess of Cleveland (most prominent mistress of King Charles II). By her he had issue, including the 7th and 8th Earls.

Pembroke succeeded his father 1649/50, and died 11 December 1669. His elder son the 6th Earl (d 1674) was succeeded by a son of his second marriage the 7th Earl (dspm 1683) whose wife was a sister of Charles II's French-born mistress Louise de Keroualle, created Duchess of Portsmouth. [The present earls are descended from this earl's younger brother who became 8th Earl in 1683]. Pepys thus knew of at least five earls of Pembroke & Montgomery.

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"not a bad looking laddy"

Well, he must have looked somewhat worse for wear and tear by the time he's mentioned in Sam's diary. After all, the original picture of the 5th Pembroke by Van Dyck was made some time before 1641 - at least 20 yrs in the past by 1661. Nevertheless Van Dyck was known for his accuracy in portraits, so a handsome young aristo indeed...

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