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Sir John Colepeper was Kt. of the Shire for Kent, in the Parliament which met in the Year 1641. He was a Man of perfect Loyalty, and great Ability, as appears by all the Accounts of those times, and particularly by the History of the Earl of Claredon, his great Corrival; but above all, is the Testimony of the last mention'd King, in the Patent by which he was created a Peer, bearing Date the 21st of October, 1644. This Age too much Consisted of those, who before the Civil Dissensions had been concerns in Arbitrary Methods; and Others, who being not of that sort, were yet afterwards Rebels to their Sovereign. But as this extraordinary Man was constantly Zealous for the Liberty of his Country, he was every way of a Rare and Unblemisht Character: Qui in ipsis Perdullionis Incunabilis celatam Conjuratorum Perfidiam exosus, Nobis fideliter astitit. After Twenty Years Service to the Crown, and Twelve Years Excile with King Charles II. he return'd with his said Majesty into England, and dyed Master of the Rolls, in July, 1660.
---The peerage of England. A. Collins, 1709.

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