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This gentleman, who was knight of the shire for Hereford, at the same time with sir Robert Harley his father, gave many signal proofs of his valour, at the head of a regiment raised at his own expence for the service of Charles I. Upon the Restoration of Charles II. he was appointed governor of Dunkirk, and soon after made a knight of the Bath. He sat in all the parliaments of this reign, and was a distinguished speaker in the house of commons. As he well knew the importance of Dunkirk to the nation, he made a motion for annexing it to the crown. The parliament seemed to listen to this proposal, but it was afterwards over-ruled. He was offered 10,000 l. and a peerage merely to be passive in the sale of it, but he refused the offer with disdain. He had the honesty to tell the king, that the artillery and military stores only, were worth more than Lewis XIV. had ever offered for that fortress. In. the British Museum, is a manuscript by sir Edward Harley, which contains many memorable particulars relative to the government, expences, and sale of Dunkirk. He was author of "A scriptural and rational Account of the Christian Religion," 1695, 8vo. Ob. 8 December, 1700.

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