A romance by Marin le Roy de Gomberville on Wikipedia, first published in 1632-9.

1893 text

“Polexandre,” by Louis Le Roy de Gomberville, was first published in 1632. “The History of Polexander” was “done into English by W. Browne,” and published in folio, London, 1647. It was the earliest of the French heroic romances, and it appears to have been the model for the works of Calprenede and Mdlle. de Scuderi; see Dunlop’s “History of Fiction” for the plot of the romance.

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Polexandre (5 vols. 1632–1637). The hero wanders through the world in search of the island home of the princess Alcidiane. It contains much history and geography; the travels of Polexandre extending to such unexpected places as Benin, the Canary Islands, Mexico and the Antilles, and incidentally we learn all that was then known of Mexican history.

The five volumes are available online as Google eBooks.

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