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Cotton, Charles. (1630-1687) - Lestrange, Roger. - Virgil - Aeneid : Scarronides: Or, Le Virgile Travesty. A Mock Poem. Being the First Book of Virgils Æneis [Aeneid] in English, Burle´sque. Imprimatur, Roger L'Estrange

Printed by E. Cotes for Henry Brome at the Gun in Ivy-lane, 1664. - The poet and translator Charles Cotton (1630- 87) , best remembered as friend of Izaak Walton and co-author of The Universal Angler (1676) , was at the centre of a small literary coterie on the Derbyshire-Staffordshire border and was himself a prolific writer. His translations included the essays of Montaigne ( 1685) , which was frequently reprinted, and among his original verse writings his robust burlesque of Virgil, Scarronides (1664) , proved especially popular, going through numerous editions. His miscellaneous poems were largely unpublished in his lifetime, though preserved in a manuscript kept by his friends, and were posthumously published in 1689. http://www.bibliophile.net/books/cotton_charles...

The text online in The Genuine Poetical Works of Charles Cotton

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