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the event by J. EvelynJ. 17th sept
Eveyln's version of this spendid event "Thence forth to see the Prince de Ligne, Spanish Embassador, come in to his Audience, which was done in very great state."
"I went to Lond: to see the Splendid audience of the Prince de Lignes Ambassador extraord: frome Spaine, who was accompanied with 17 Coaches 6 horses of his owne, besides a very greate Corteggio of English &c: greater bravery, in my whole life[had] I [never]seene: He was Gen: of the Span: Kings horse in Flanders, accompanied with divers greate persons of Flanders, & an innumerable retinue: The King receivd him in the Banqueting house in exceeding state , all the greate officers of Court &c: attending &c:
note spelling differences

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This is the ambassador for the Spanish Netherlands in 1660. The event vincent refers to above is his state visit in Sept., which was the first foreign recognition of the newly restored English monarchy. For more info, see the annos for 1 Sept. 1660, especially this one from Paul Brewster:

per Wheatley (Braybrooke): "Charles Lamoral, Prince de Ligne, had commanded the cavalry in the Low Countries, was afterwards Viceroy of Sicily and Governor of Milan. He died at Madrid in 1679. He had married, by dispensation, his cousin Maria Clara of Nassau, widow of his brother Albert Henry, who had died without issue. In our own time his descendant, the Prince de Ligne was Ambassador Extraordinary from Belgium at the coronation of Queen Victoria."

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This Prince is the 3rd of the line, which continues to this day. Not to be confused with Charles Lamoral II, 1685-1766, his great grandson and 6th Prince de Ligne. The most famous of the line is Charles-Joseph, well-known writer and the "charmer of Europe".

Here are some highlights from the family genealogy, to be found here - http://membres.lycos.fr/behgnam2/ligne-b.htm

FLORENT [1588-1622] - Prince de Ligne et du Saint Empire
ALBERT HENRI [1615-1641] - 2e Prince de Ligne Pce du Saint Empire
CLAUDE LAMORAL I [1618-1679] - 3e Prince de Ligne et du Saint Empire
CLAUDE LAMORAL II [1685-1766] - 6e Prince de Ligne et du Saint Empire
CHARLES-JOSEPH [1735-1814] - 7e Prince de Ligne et du Saint Empire

Here’s a picture of our Prince:

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That would be Claude Lamoral, not Charles of course.

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