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I quote from "Dictionary of Seventeenth-Century British Philosophers"
at http://www.thoemmes.com/dictionaries/hartlib.htm

"Samuel Hartlib was born at Elbing, and educated at the Gymnasium, Brieg, and the University of K

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The Hartlib Papers (second edition)
Samuel Hartlib (c. 1600-62), a great seventeenth-century 'intelligencer' and man of science, set out to record all human knowledge and make it universally available for the education of all mankind. His correspondence, which runs to over 25,000 folios of original materials, came to the University of Sheffield Library in the 1960s. The full-text electronic edition of this correspondence realises Hartlib's vision some 300 years later


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Samuel Hartlib

"Became an important figure in the life of John Evelyn...Sylva put the case for an enlifghtened transformation of the countryside that was no less ambitious that that advanced for the city in Fumifugium. Through its pages thread the utilitarian ideas of Samuel Hartlib, who had died in 1662, sick and disilusioned"

(John Evelyn, Living for Ingenuity by Gillian Darley)

Michael Robinson  •  Link

Hartlib, his circle and "Biblical metaphors of Knowledge in early modern Europe"

A fascinating exhibition; includes much about people known to Pepys.


Pedro  •  Link

From Michael’s site above…

“At the same time, Hartlib and his friends searched for means to prolong and improve human life, in particular through alchemical discovery and the practice of chemical medicine, and strived to achieve dominion over nature through the application of new knowledge and new methods of understanding.”

From Isaac Newton, The Last Sorcerer by Michael White…

The London alchemists of the mid-seventeenth century had centred around Samuel Hartlib, and grew in importance during I640's and I650's and included (amongst others) Robert Boyle, These men operated covertly within the same city as the Royal Society and included many of their number.

The circle aimed to rationalize alchemy by marrying alchemical lore within the interactive framework of mechanical philosophy.

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