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Wheatley footnotes
Marylebone was quite a country place in Pepys's day and long after.

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more dope:


Name and ancient situation.

The name of this place was anciently called Tiburn, from its situation near a small bourn, or rivulet, formerly called Ayebrook, or Eye-brook, and now Tybourn-brook (fn. 1) . When the site of the church was altered to another spot near the same brook, it was called, I imagine, St. Mary at the bourn, now corrupted to St. Mary le bone, or Marybone.

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The pronunciation of this name continues to change. Today “Marleybone” seems to be the most fashionable version, but until a few years ago “Marrylebone” was the usual version. [In all cases the accent falls on the first element, with the ‘lebone’ becoming quite compressed].

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