By Robert Boyle, full title: ‘Hydrostatical Paradoxes Made Out By New Experiments (For the Most Part Physical and Easie)’, published 1666. Read it at Google Books.

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“Hydrostatical Paradoxes made out by New Experiments” was published by the Hon. Robert Boyle in 1666 (Oxford).

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Boyle, Robert, 1627-1691.

Hydrostatical paradoxes, made out by new experiments, (for the most part physical and easie.) By the Honourable Robert Boyle, Fellow of the Royall Society.
Oxford : printed by William Hall, for Richard Davis, anno Dom. M.DC.LXVI. [1666]

8vo., [36], 247, [1] p., [3] folded plates, diagrams; title page in red and black, imprimatur statement on b2v.

Wing (2nd ed., 1994), B3985; Fulton, J. Boyle, #72. PL 790

Reprinted in Latin translation:

Paradoxa hydrostatica novis experimentis (maximam partem physicis ac facilibus) evicta. Authore nobilissimo Roberto Boyle, e Societate Regia. Nuper ex Anglico sermone in Latinum versa.
Oxonii : typis Henrici Hall Academiæ typographi, impensis Ri: Davis, 1669.

12mo., [48], 209, [7] p., [3] folded plates, diagrams; with two final contents leaves and a vertical half-title: 'Boyl: paradoxa' hydrostatica. Includes bibliography

Wing (2nd ed., 1994), B4017; Fulton, J. Boyle, #73

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Hydrostatical paradoxes, made out by new experiments ...
By Robert Boyle

Google scan of the 1663 volume.

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