By George Hakewill, full title: ‘An apologie or declaration of the power and providence of God in the gouernment of the world’ (1627)

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Hakewill, George, 1578-1649.

An apologie or declaration of the povver and providence of God in the government of the world. Consisting in an examination and censure of the common errour touching natures perpetuall and universall decay, divided into six bookes. Whereof the first treates of this pretended decay in generall, together with some preparatives thereunto. The second of the pretended decay of the heavens and elements, together with that of the elementary bodies, man onely excepted. The third of the pretended decay of mankinde in regard of age and duration, of strength and stature, of arts and wits. The fourth of this pretended decay in matter of manners, together with a large proofe of the future consummation of the world from the testimonie of the gentiles, and the vse which we are to draw from the consideration thereof. The fifth and sixth are spent in answering objections made since the second impression. By George Hakewill Doctour of Divinitie and Archdeacon of Surrey. The third edition revised, and in sundry passages and whole sections aumented by the authour; besides the addition of two entire bookes not formerly published.
Oxford : printed by William Turner printer to the famous Vniversitie [for Robert Allott, London], Anno Dom. 1635.

fo., [52], 606, [10], 378, [42] p. ; with an additional engraved title page, with imprint "London Printed for Robert Allott, at the Beare in Paules Churchyard. 1635", signed: T Cecill sculp.

STC (2nd ed.), 12613

Originally published in 1627 as: 'An apologie of the power and providence of God in the government of the world ...; and followed by a revised edition in 1630. A reply to: Goodman, Godfrey. 'The fall of man, or the corruption of nature, proved by the light of our naturall reason.' edns 1616, 18 & 29.

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cum salis grano  •  Link

Should be an interesting read, he, it is said influenced [Bacon?] many thinkers of the time.

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