The overlays that highlight 17th century London features are approximate and derived from:

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There are some comments about Puddle Wharf/Dock on the 26 June 1660 entry:

It can be seen on this 18th century map:

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Puddle Dock (originally Puddle Wharf), at the foot of St. Andrew's Hill, Upper Thames Street, Blackfriars, in Castle Baynard Ward.
The house which Shakespeare bought in the Blackfriars, and which he bequeaths by will to his daughter, Susannah Hall, is described in the Conveyance as "abutting upon a streete leading down to Puddle Wharffe on the east part, right-against the King's Maiesty's Wardrobe".
---London, Past and Present. H.B. Wheatley, 1891.

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